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May Day Short: Protected

By Sarah Cate Anstey, May 1 2017 07:27AM

He has worked silently, stealthily to place each brick;

To cement the past and concrete the future.

How long it has taken, she could not say.

He has kept his plans hidden and its construction invisible.

Now has been the time to reveal it –

This magnificent fortress.

She is pleased, relieved.

He has finally done something, he has finally done this.

She makes herself stare at it, to take in its length and height

And acknowledge the lack of exits and entrances.

It is not for her to break in, but for him to break out.

She smiles at her hands;

Smooth, untorn, unbruised, and unbloodied.

© Sarah Catherine Anstey 2017

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Author: Sarah Catherine Anstey


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