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Sunday Short: Aftermath

By Sarah Cate Anstey, Jul 23 2017 06:00AM

Sorry is too precious a sentiment

to be delivered with

brief brusque jabs

after sustained silence

It was a journey which had to be made

a steep climb to pastures new

for both of us

But when you finally resurfaced

and glanced back at the deep dark wood

you had come through

as you wiped the dirt away

I wanted you to see the lights

Gleaming with gratitude for what we’d had

Blazing with blessings for the bright future

you deserve, with another

now these justifications have dimmed,

as true character is unearthed,

its lacks illuminated by memories

of who you pretended to be

Wasn’t the journey

I was forced to make away from you;

the obscurity in which I was plunged

Worthy of acknowledgement?

Couldn’t you have feigned empathy,

allowing my misguided regard to

rest in peace?

© Copyright Sarah Catherine Anstey 2017

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Author: Sarah Catherine Anstey


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