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Sunday Short: Character Flaw

By Sarah Cate Anstey, May 14 2017 07:27AM

You construct good openings, excellent in fact.

There is no extraneous exposition.

You get your reader’s attention, capture the intended audience.

Your main character is engaging, intriguing and appealing.

Your reader cares about him,

And wants to see how his story develops.

There are hints as to where this could go,

But you give your main character limitless possibilities.

It slumps somewhere in the middle.

Peters out, fades.

Suddenly your main character has no direction, drive nor impetus.

There is no climax, no chance for change.

Disappointed, your reader realises your main character is not dynamic or round, but flat and static.

He’s all unreliable-first-person-narration but no action, no dialogue.

But you are great at beginnings.

So you try again.

A different opening, situation and no backstory.

Confined to your imaginary equilibrium, destined to disillusion new readers.

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