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Sunday Shorts: Different Shoes

By Sarah Cate Anstey, Oct 30 2016 07:51AM

Cinderanna, Cinderuna, Cinderilla and Cinderolla cherished their once-a-month meetup, a rare break from the dawn to dusk drudgery.

Over the years they had consoled each other for the slippers which had made their feet swollen, sore and scarred or had simply shattered.

They were particularly excited, as this was the first get-together since Cinderella had become Mrs P Charming and they were all eager to receive an update on how their friend’s new life.

At first, much was made of the Cinderanna’s new shoes:

“The style suits you!” Cinderilla exclaimed.

“I love the colour!” Cinderuna acclaimed.

“What a great idea to make them yourself, it’s so hard to find the right fit.” Cinderolla admired.

Cinderella condescended to glance at them, but observed: “It must be so very wonderful to have the leisure to make your own shoes, I wouldn’t know where to find time with a busy palace to run.”

© Copyright Sarah Catherine Anstey 2016

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