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Author: Sarah Catherine Anstey

Illustrative designs: Annette Chown & Sarah Catherine Anstey

Dion Cover Final

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Dion: His Life and Mine is Sarah’s debut novel and is published on the Kindle platform. Set in a modern, timeless world, it is aimed at young adult readers and tells the myths of Dionysus through the eyes of Ariadne. In this inventive, interactive retelling of these myths, you see both sides of the story, question fact and fiction and ultimately contemplate our continued fascination with the myth of celebrity.


Throughout her tale, Ariadne alludes to articles written about her and Dion that are too painful for her to relate, but here you can find and read these articles (click here to read them) and look at the album artwork for the bands Libertia, Thiasus, Capricious and Orpheus, featured in the book (click here to view them).


Dion: His Life and Mine was a finalist in the 2014 Wishing Shelf Award.



DD hands cover

Published in April 2015, The Dalrymple Drawings is a mystery, action adventure.

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