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By Sarah Cate Anstey, Aug 26 2018 07:21AM

Let’s create a house right here you say already gathering straw. Don’t we need something stronger? No this will be fine. What about something to stick it together? Nah it’ll be fine. It’s always fine with you no more no less.

We lie in it. Isn’t it comfortable cosy you say and here in your arms in this bed of straw it is.

Sometimes I’ll have to go out you say you mustn’t follow me. You mustn’t let anyone anything else in until I get back. Do you promise and I do and you do.

You leave me to the huffing the puffing the debris. Once soothing straw that can’t be put back together not exactly not the same.

Sticks. I pile them up around me hoping you’ll notice the change what I’ve done for us what I’ve done for you. You do. It does. The threatening huffing and puffing it takes longer this time there’s howling like a body eaten alive from the inside the destruction is more devastating.

I mark out territory and build brick by brick by back-breaking heart-aching brick. Layer upon layer upon layer I lose myself in the work in the creation

Inside warm safe secure strong sense something prowling around a gentle huff gentle puff and you calling Piglet Piglet let me come in

© Copyright Sarah Catherine Anstey 2018

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Author: Sarah Catherine Anstey


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